False allegations - recent thinking
Thursday, 28 April 2016
Interesting case, this anonymous QC one, involving Graeme Stening (not allowed to be anonymous), Waterloo station, alcohol consumption, a 51 year old female QC and the law - that claimants of sex abuse (whether false or true) are instantly granted anonymity. The Stening case is due to be heard on June 23rd; co-incidentally BREXIT day. Could they be connected? Yes because if we remain in the EU, that anonymity law may have to be changed. So - turning this around - if someone is accused of a sex offence and immediately makes a counter accusation, is not that victim also due instant anonymity? Which could destroy TRAWL BY MEDIA - that ancient and respected police method of corruption? Take it further (not that we would try to damage the highly successful False Allegations Industry) - if Harvey Proctor now wanted to accuse someone (let us, for the sake of argument, invent a pseudonym NICK) of rape or attempted rape, Proctor would now be guaranteed anonymity although the alleged perpetrator would not, his name smeared all over the media. Hmm. Interesting.