My replies to Cliff
Tuesday, 21 June 2016
Do not sue the BBC Cliff.

Make an official complaint to the Metropolitan Police accusing the BBC, South Yorkshire Police and the un-named accusers of Conspiracy To Pervert The Course Of Justice.

Each and every one involved attempted to get you charged and tried. And who knows who else was involved in this high profile media grooming. As an innocent man, your right is justice. I am sure you do not care about or want financial reward, unlike some of those involved.

Other points inspired by Wiggs excellent four page piece (or five including Mail editorial).

1) Do not waste time or effort on the - anonymity until charge- campaign. Corrupt police will just charge on arrest (as they did me 16 years ago - the CPS man got an OBE for being helpful) to provoke the further false allegations and then simply drop the charges, if need be.

2) The appalling way police abuse their powers of search. It is essentially brain death. They are told, for example, always to take anything marked Diary. So they took my late mothers diary dated 1936 - eight years before I was born. Doh! Police need to be taught, trained and legally forced to use common sense.

3) I heard from Gambo weekly during his ordeal. It is essential for someone you can trust to be there for you. But I am sure you found, as Gambo did, so many friends deserted you. Admittedly it is mainly because they all know it could happen to them; the more famous they are, the greater the publicity, the more false allegators after compensation cash and media fees, the more publicity for police who, without individual accountability, never suffer and even go up the ladder - leading to the deaths of innocent people like the Deepcut kids, Marsha and Amelie, Breck Bednar, Sally Clark, Stefan Kisco and the other victims of police behaviour.

4) Your religious minister false accuser. No surprise there. Sadly religion is often the first port of call for those who crave attention. And, of course, the Police. One of my false accusers 16 years ago became a top cop in one of the Yorkshire Police forces and submittted a naked photo of himself (aroused) as evidence - nothing to do with me. Interestingly his map of my house was the only one not to include the false door through a party wall - indeed his drawing of my flat (not house) got his false allegations abandoned. Perhaps plod decided not to leave the drawing of my house accidentally lying on the interview table.

5) No, police do not and should not have a duty to investigate every allegation. And, quite rightly, they do not. Loonies complain about anything, day and night, in their millions. We must change the law that makes sex allegations exempt from common sense. And stop the media from trumpeting they missed him/her when one in a billion turns out to have been a serial killer. Mistakes will always happen but this paranoia about media witch hunts has created a terrible situation. Dixon of Dock Green would be turning in his grave.

6) You are quite right; an accusation cannot and must not be regarded as evidence. There was no more evidence in my case 16 years ago than there was in yours. Just several peoples word against mine, all unconnected, all false.

7) Do not fall for the media stories about dead people. Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath, Clement Freud, Leon Brittan, Cyril Smith and all the others may have been as guilty as hell but none are alive to defend themselves and all are innocent unless proven guilty in a court of law. And sometimes even afterwards. Are you saying, Cliff, that if you had died we should all have assumed the false allegations were true?

8) When the interviewing cop said - if you had met him, you would understand, did brain dead plod really not realise what he was saying?

9) Just let me repeat - it is not South Yorkshire Police - it is British police behaviour up and down the country. If you knew how many innocent vicars and teachers and doctors and foster carers I met in prison, voiceless, as they were not famous though pilloried in the local press (to get further claims - trawl by media). And it is not just the BBC - all media, including social media, behaves disgracefully. When they join up to get a good story or, as I would put it, to Pervert The Course Of Justice, the results can be appalling.

10) and that is my final point. If you do not believe that the majority of false allegations lead to prosecution, conviction and jail, you have far too much faith in the broken judicial system.