Meaningless Slogans in Very High Voices
Monday, 25 July 2016
The HeeBeeGeeBees parody is one of the great comedy tracks of all time but actually our new Prime Minister has quite a deep voice for a wimmin.

Still, after praising her superb speech when she announced she was running, I have to chuck a stone at her simplistic and pointless slogans since.

Of course it is par for the course but we are hoping for more than Brexit is Brexit.

No it's not.

There is no such word and it was created for, and probably by, the media to hook the stoopids into voting Leave.

Britain may technically leave the EU except what the hell is the EU anyway and will Scotland and Northern Ireland - 50% of Great Britain, leave?

Half the voters said they wanted to remain.

We shall certainly stay involved with Europe - trade, open borders, agreed shared laws.

We shall certainly remain a part of Europe.

This absurd simplification has poisoned our species and turned common sense into nonsense.

Our new PM should know better than to utter Meaningless Slogans in her Quite Deep High Voice.