Want to make millions?
Thursday, 04 August 2016
If I were a young lad I would do this and make millions. Feel free to do it if you are interested. Guaranteed.

Start PJMD

Stands for Pas Jolie Mais Delicieux.

Buy up (at hugely cheap prices) all those ugly vegetables and fruits - package them, sell them cheap. Taste Fantastic, Cost Less.

Tomatoes, potatoes, bananas, cucumbers.

And make cakes that look deformed but taste great.

Open a chain of fast food places - ugly hamburgers - taste twice as nice, cost half the price. Nuggets look like pebbles taste like heaven.

I remember doing a feature in Entertainment USA on White Castle - a brilliant idea; they put holes in the patties so they used half as much meat and sold them at low prices; tasted the same even though there was less actual meat in them.

There you go. Thank me when you are in your Rolls.