Oh this stupid, expensive Inquiry needs to stop - now.
Sunday, 07 August 2016
Surely - any serious inquiry would need to interview all the accusers of Cliff, Gambo, David Bryant, Tremeloes and the rest in order to see how the courts and the law has let them down - if we assume (as the Inquiry seems to do) that anyone who claims to be a victim or survivor is exactly that.

And anybody with more than one brain cell would rapidly see that they may be persuasive, like Nick was, but they are essentially, for whatever reason, mistaken. After which it might dawn on the panel that there might be an element of false allegations in claims of historical allegations. Then any panel seriously trying to find the truth would examine just how helpful certain police officers, lawyers, public relations people and others have been.

Plus naturally many public figures who went to public schools or served in the church or were at hospitals or social services would be interviewed, especially if they have any links to the Establishment, like being married to the Home Secretary or Prime Minister.

Seriously, this needs abandoning very very soon.