Society needs to change
Monday, 22 August 2016
It is all very well for us to pontificate about how badly things have gone wrong. Now we need to do something about it, before even more innocent victims of the False Allegations Industry are destroyed.

Police behaviour needs new guidelines. I know for a fact that most ordinary coppers are disgusted and horrified by what is going on. False Accusers will NOT be automatically believed - or disbelieved. Their claims will be examined, considered and, if warranting, investigated. But so will their background, character, previous behaviour.

Police must stop trawling for False Allegations. Gentle suggestions that there is profit in compensation and media fees must end immediately.

CPS must stop prosecuting False Allegation claims. Courts must begin throwing out such obviously absurd cases.

Media must begin exposing bent and corrupt police behaviour and victim lies. Public servants must be prosecuted for conspiring to pervert the course of justice whether they do so for personal gain or for indirect reasons like increasing budgets and getting promotion. Individual accountability.

And this has to happen NOW before more innocent lives are wrecked, families destroyed, billions wasted and police compromised and totally despised by the majority.