Prison breakouts coming
Thursday, 17 November 2016
The woman is clueless - her interview was ghastly. OK; it is not her fault that she has a speech defect. But her answers were stupid; like the rest of the May, Truss, Rudd new rulers - cliches, truisms.

Bring back trained prison officers who left in disgust by giving them better salaries. They are trained. All officers need higher salaries. Improve such things as education, regimes, work inside. Build those new, modern prisons now.

Otherwise - and this is certain - there will be mass breakouts within months. Two escaped from Pentonville. Two hundred will escape soon and the avalanche will explode when other prisons realise they can break out too.

Then the Mail and others will start howling - as homes get ransacked and innocent householders get set on fire. We are within weeks of that happening.

Believe me. Disaster is looming.