Hogan Howe - right and wrong
Sunday, 05 February 2017
On Marr Hogan Howe rightly apologised about British Police behaviour towards sex crime claims - and said that the reason there was a huge and expensive explosion in claims was because people are now prepared to come forward about past crimes. Wrong.

The explosion is because of four reasons.

1 - morality has changed due to media loving a good story so people who kissed someone on the cheek 40 years ago are now considered rapists.

2 - because the media love a good story they then exaggerate the quantity and seriousness of these.

3 - police, intimidated by media and pressed by bosses, have moved from taking claims seriously to assisting false accusers by often even provoking fake claims.

4 - because the legal system is broken it has become easy to convict innocent people of invented sex crimes, giving police even more incentive to spend time, money and effort encouraging and assisting false claims instead of concentrating on real crimes.