Our Army is growing
Tuesday, 21 February 2017
The Army of Media Voices supporting the fight against the False Allegations Industry has grown over the years. From the mighty Bob Woffinden - a voice in the wilderness when Ludovic Kennedy retired and Richard Webster died - to Charles Moore, David Aaronovitch, Dan Finkelstein and others, there are now literally dozens pointing out the insanity that has swept our country.

But most are simply saying "this must end". Whether the victims are dead or wrongly imprisoned, hundreds - if not thousands - of media people have seen the light. Social media, once swamped by trolls who simply liked throwing stones, has started reflecting this (mainly thanks to the mighty Anna Raccoon, whose campaign started as she lay bald in a hospital bed, given weeks to live, uninterested in dull old DJs but intrigued that her old school, Duncroft, seemed to be in the headlines).

The time has come to start laying the blame. Not against those who have spotted a nice loophole to boost income (compensation) and can see no harm in adding their names to a list of claims against a dead celeb, but against the cops, lawyers and judges who assist them. And the mild subplot of wrongly convicted and ruined innocents - from celebs to ordinary, decent souls like David Bryant, Geoff Long, Ched Evans - just Google them to discover the terrible crimes against them, rarely pursued by police or CPS for some reason. Actually, for very good reason (the spotlight might fall on them for assisting).