Wednesday, 01 March 2017
He is a very good speaker, convincing and straight forward. The problem is - like society and media, he simplifies. And simple solutions for complex problems are dangerous.

Take one simple topic. Harley Davidson motor cycles. He made the excellent point that it was unfair that most other countries charge a 100% tax on them when they are imported, so they cost double to buy abroad. He says - free trade; If a country charges 0% to import a Harley Davidson, he will allow free imports to America of their locally made bikes.

Great - until India (for example) makes far cheaper, very similar bikes - Highly DodgySons - and ships thousands of them to the States where they can be bought for a fraction of the price of US made bikes.

It is not as simple as Trump (and media) make out. Like Brexit means Brexit, or No Deal is better than Bad Deal, the catchy slogan can be terribly wrong with dreadful consequences.

This applies to most of Trump's instant policies. They sound great but will they work in practice? Build a wall? Yes, fine, except just watch the worst and brightest criminals get over, around or through the wall; it will simply keep out those who ought to be allowed in.

Healthcare; scrap ObamaCare - already with flaws - and replace it with a plan without those flaws. Terrific except you can bet it will have many other flaws and they will probably be equally bad if not far worse.