Did I kill GEORGE Michael?
Tuesday, 07 March 2017
My brother Andy was there and reminded me… I see he died of the same thing my father and grand father died from. When I produced The Brits George was booked and cancelled at the very last moment. Serious health problems. I rush booked EMF to take his place (they had a huge hit at the time - Unbelievable). They were great; far better than he would have been.

But surprise surprise, George turned up, perfectly healthy, to collect his Award (Best album? Best male? Can't remember - don't care).

I gave him such a lecture that he almost collapsed. I also wrote to his label and manager afterwards, tearing him to pieces.

I told him he was typical of no talent wankers who became stars through little talent of their own and then treated those that had helped them and those around them like shit.

Usually, I snapped, due to drugs and self indulgence. "Don't believe your own image, George", I said to his face. "You're a shit".

He was furious. People didn't talk to him like that anymore. I did. Perhaps if he'd listened he'd be alive today.