Eurovision - juries vs public
Sunday, 14 May 2017
Most comments and thoughts are over on the Tipsheet board (with thousands of views - interesting, compared to normal daily views which have shrunk for that forum and exploded for this more general one) but I felt it worth pointing out how disappointed I was when my terrific 1995 choice of Love City Groove only came 10th for the UK.

As a result I managed to get two huge changes to the rules.

Backing tracks were allowed (the orchestra really had hampered the modern sound of LCG) for the first time in 1996 and I introduced a new idea that only a dozen or so countries had the technology for - public televoting!

Can you believe that? So recently, yet it hadn't existed (I'd tried it on BBC Radio for the selection of the national finalists (dear Terry Wogan; sitting in his R2 studio) and persuaded the EBU to sanction it for 1996.

In which our entry (Gina G) scored 12 points with virtually all the televoters but only came 8th (I hate juries - experts who suddenly think they have taste and always screwed up).

By 1997 it was universal and - lo and behold - we won (Katrina).

This year, interestingly, the clueless juries again got muddled but thank heavens the public got it pretty right.