I have delivered an official complaint to the IPCC
Thursday, 01 June 2017
I have delivered an official complaint to the IPCC - the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

The commission must examine the behaviour of police when there have been three deaths following contact with the police. Several soldiers at Deepcut Barracks might be alive had faults been corrected years ago. Several innocent girls would be alive if Milly Dowler’s killer had been found sooner. Breck Bednar would be alive today had his mother’s worries been examined.

Now Laurence Pollinger, Robert Randall and Deniz Corday have died.

Sir Richard Henriques described misleading Judges as “the gravest possible mistake”.

A Chief Constable declaring a policy that one of his officers lying to a judge is acceptable, under certain conditions, requires immediate attention.

There are so many points demanding examination by an independent body. I believe the former Police and Crime Commissioner for Surrey, Kevin Hurley, tried to examine the institutionalised incompetence and dishonesty but was blocked by the then Deputy Chief Constable, the then Chief Constable and the then Home Secretary.

The IPCC should be examining whether there has been institutionalised misconduct or possibly even malfeasance in public office.

I expect suspensions whilst evidence is gathered and inspected.