May - Wrecksit means Brexit
Saturday, 10 June 2017
Stupid woman - we really don't stand a chance in Brexit now.

Those in the EU sensing, rightly, that half the country is opposed to Brexit, will insist on unfair payments and future rules.

As she said, we need a strong and stable government and we certainly haven't got one (actually not even sure we'd have one with Corbyn and Labour).

EU members Republic of Ireland must now oppose any deal with the stupid UK other than scrapping Brexit and returning to the EU full membership. Didn't May think of Ireland (North and South) when she agreed a survival deal with the DUP?

Cameron's stupid mistake on Brexit was a genuinely silly error that Clegg would have stopped. But he knew a pro-Brexit vote in the ridiculous Referendum would mean he had to quit politics.

Asking the public, who know nothing about economics or immigration benefits or problems or taxes but simply vote according to media promoted simplistic slogans, was farcical.

Democracy does not, any longer, work.

Benign dictatorship under the pretend guise of democracy is the best way. Persuade the public they are taking part where actually they are not, as you do what is best for them, is the most effective form of government, as long as it is benign and not misused, as all leaders tend to become after time.