Corbyn's instant genuine reaction to the tragedy
Sunday, 18 June 2017
Corbyn did instinctively what we all wanted - suggested ideas to look after those affected, NOW.

It doesn't matter whether it is government or local councils or charities or individuals - we should do something.

Whereas May did the exact opposite, reflecting her cold nature... "set up an Inquiry"... "our thoughts are with families and friends"... and people have finally seen through the image.

Those hating Corbyn might be right - he could just be looking for good headlines. But many of us see him as genuine; inspired by the same emotions we have; not by political or media angles like May.

Just as we saw through the media paint job on Corbyn during the election campaign.

Haters miss the point. Yes, Tories scraped through in the election. But Labour - and especially Jeremy - improved enormously and did so because the momentum (that's right - momentum with a small M) is there and gets stronger every day.

Tories may survive for a few months if they dump May.

But it will take a damn good replacement to beat Labour in 2018 or 2019.