Newcastle Brown Skin
Thursday, 10 August 2017
I have to say I have no opinion on the men convicted of sex with young girls in Newcastle - but I know I do not trust police and I do not trust the media. Both are prone to outright lies and both, absolutely, adore exaggeration.

As I read more and more in the obedient media about Newcastle Sex Gangs and watch the smug and rather flat face of another “senior cop” talk righteously about his “dedicated” staff, I find a sickness welling up inside me. The entire Newcastle incident appears to reflect the institutionalised racism that we all know was prevalent in British police, but thought had been stamped out years ago. The way the top Geordie peeler spat out the words “politically correct”, as he dismissed any thoughts of being nice to brown people, chilled my bones.

And I’ve just been watching a series of Gay Pride shows on the BBC - attempting to illustrate the new, liberal, pro gay liberation of the British people but simply underlining the fact that homophobia, permanently ingrained in British society, especially in our fine blue line of police, is actually alive and well in their ranks. And has proudly emerged as paedophobia - with enormous encouragement from the tabloids.

Play music by Vile Perverts? Heaven forbid, BBC.

No wonder they - whoever “they” are - would like to shut me up. That Edward Heath article, bravely published by the Spectator, must have chilled the homophobes and the racists to the bone.

Let us be honest; if police can arrest and convict brown, black, or yellow people and can combine it by appearing to protect children, even if it means paying perverts to manufacture evil, they will regard it as a job well done. How could media ever criticise police trying to protect little kiddies? How could media ever criticise laws which jail vile perverts (even - or especially - innocent vile perverts)?

The Mail today carries reports on previous “gangs” of child rapists and makes sure to mention that most members had skin of a different colour to most Mail staff or the majority of police officers.

My God; how we need a decent journalist these days, and a decent Editor. Because it’s a great story, if only they would investigate properly. And we all know - the one thing that trumps all other cards - excuse the expression - is a good story.