Death Fatigue
Sunday, 20 August 2017
As my friend Sue - Anna Raccoon - passes away I wonder whether I am now the age to be suffering from Death Fatigue.

So many have died over the past few years- my beloved Mum, Michaels S and A, Bowie and George M and positively dozens, many younger than I.

I'm starting to shrug my shoulders every time the Grim Reaper sends me a message, at the inevitability of it all. And, like charity fatigue, it is easy to start getting numb. Rather than get depressed, get resigned.

But it is when, as with Laurence Pollinger, Robert Randall and Deniz Corday, it is as a direct result of a section of our society meant to be protecting us from evil and not provoking it, that I realise I need to do something about it, in order to prevent other innocent men, women or children from being killed or damaged or hurt.

Two particular murders by society over the past years affected me. Sally Clark, an innocent mother, was so destroyed by the activities of the Establishment that any decent human being flinched watching her being tortured. Google her name if you've never heard her name (and the media, even social media, appears keen to erase the facts about such crimes). The shocking behaviour of police, the judiciary, lawyers and the media was horrifying to behold.

And Breck Bednar, a child with his life ahead of him, not just blessed with great family but decent, good friends too, was killed by incredible incompetence and corruption, never corrected. Watch Murder Games if you can get a copy (again, hard to find such an essential video show - someone somewhere doesn't want too much attention for such breaches).

Read Gemma Dowler's brilliant, heart breaking book My Sister Milly if you'd like to see how the incompetent Establishment killed Amelie and Marsha - and possibly even Milly, Gemma hints. If you're a parent of a child murdered at Deepcut Barracks (suicide, say the Establishment), you'll already be outraged. As were the families of the dead at Hillsborough (thank God for Scousers, who never give up).

All these deaths and many, many more are meant to be examined and mistakes corrected by Establishment departments set up specifically to stop future killings but very quickly those departments, paid for by the Establishment, learn how to avoid scrutiny rather than use it.

And those challenging the system tend to be shut up, even when making such harmless comments as suspecting dead politicians were non sexual rather than abusers. "He is dangerous; shut him up" goes out the call, immediately obeyed by minions.

If the Grim Reaper gets me, remember this.

But I fully intend to escape his scythe for the moment, assisted, I hope, by the Angels of whom, I suspect, dear Sue is now one.