Reply to a regular contributor regarding Equality of Arms
Friday, 01 September 2017
Ah as usual Randall you cut to the quick - EQUALITY OF ARMS - as guaranteed by the Human Rights Act which we are still part of. For far too long police and CPS have got away with this kind of thing. Exactly; the defendant MUST have equal rights to all potential evidence - for example examining documents for carbon dating and print quality, computer analysis, background of the accuser.

Example - if Danny Day's medical records had been available to David Bryant's defence team, as they should have been, he would not have been wrongly convicted and sent to prison for years for crimes that never took place. If police had done their job properly, Ched Evans would not have been wrongly convicted and his team would have showed the jury the evidence of his accuser's behaviour. Geoff Long's false accuser's imaginary pink sink would have been shown never to have existed.

But take the case of Mark Pearson - the CCTV from Victoria Station clearly showed he never "penetrated" the false accuser yet the CPS saw it and chose to proceed with the expensive prosecution.

Judges allow this. When appeals are granted there must be prosecutions of individuals who have lied or been incompetent in public office. And long prison sentences for those found guilty. Including judges.