Police fork out 100,000
Saturday, 02 September 2017
OK It's a mere drop in the ocean and it is our money; our taxes. £100K to a couple of wealthy victims of the False Allegations Industry.

But coming in the same week that the Beale woman got ten years, despite the CPS squealing "it never happens" (because they are part of the problem), it gets media thinking "Hold on; perhaps there is something in all this".

Dear Lord Bramall and dear Lady Brittan suffered but, as I keep telling Gambo and others, not that much.

Even Nigel Evans MP can say, eventually, the system worked and he was acquitted.

But how about the thousands - not mere hundreds - of innocent men and women currently blocking up our jails? Many very elderly. Many with ruined careers and families. Many committed suicide.

I've ranted on for 17 years. I'm not stopping.