CPS Cloud Cuckoo Land? Change name to CCL.
Sunday, 03 September 2017
Can you believe their official statement on Jemma Beale? Not "she sent innocent men to prison and allowed bent or lazy cops and public officials to assist her in doing so" but...

Samuel Main, London CPS reviewing lawyer, said:

"False allegations of sexual assault and rape are rare but, when made, they are serious as they undermine the credibility of genuine victims and the efforts of the CPS and police to see perpetrators brought to justice.

Oh dear, Sam, undermining your fine efforts? Some people might consider sending innocent people to prison FAR WORSE and far more serious. Cloud Cuckoo Land?


in 2015 one small force (Surrey Police) had 1670 false allegations of sex crimes made to them. After interview a mere 242 were sent to the CPS (and even fewer ended up as convictions). Rare? The vast majority.