Rolf Harris
Friday, 27 October 2017
From reading media coverage (not the best way to get accurate information) it seems he has admitted having an affair with his daughter's friend but only after she was 18. It appears that any activity before that event is her word against his, with no other evidence.

It also appears that all the other allegations range from the utterly ridiculous to the unlikely.

The first jury found him guilty. Subsequent juries have rejected other false allegations.

The question is - can he now get the original verdict overturned? Many, many appeals are granted - far more than we see in the media. Thousands a year.

Juries get it wrong again and again. Many false accusers are found to have been mistaken or have deliberately lied - to make money, compensation, media fees if the accused is a celebrity.

It was this site that pointed out the total flaw in the "No smoke without fire" cliche. In show business we know that, with dry ice, there is often smoke without fire. Sir Cliff Richard quoted this many times.

We wish Rolf good luck in his appeal if he is, indeed, innocent of the convictions against him. But it is sad that the judicial system is now so broken that people have to prove their innocence, sometimes years after spending time in prison for crimes that never took place.

A very sick and serious situation.