A solution
Monday, 30 October 2017
Since now we are seeing thousands of victims of people who made "inappropriate" suggestions years ago, in Parliament, Hollywood, on sports pitches, in churches and schools and even in the home, there can only be one solution.

We must execute anybody accused.

This is a cheap and simple solution that my namesake, Jonathan Swift (I did actually choose the name because of his brilliant writings) would have approved. It is, indeed, A Modest Proposal.

Of course, sadly, there may be a few innocent men and women killed by the state by mistake, but the saving in expense and effort vastly trumps that.

No reason for police to investigate, or those time wasting and pointless trials. Just like people such as Ted Heath, Jimmy Savile, Leon Brittan and Elvis Presley - accusations against dead people can simply give us great stories for the media and need not be investigated. So live people can simply be eliminated, and costly, time wasting exercises can be dropped.