Three Years Ago today
Sunday, 09 September 2018
At exactly this time - 7.00 - precisely three years ago - 9th September 2015 - my front door was illegally broken into and I was dragged naked out of bed and arrested.

Three years later the false allegations were found to be fake, I have been pronounced Not Guilty on several counts by a jury at Southwark Crown Court and an innocent man is allowed, as Cliff Richard and Paul Gambaccini, and many others have been, to proceed with his life.

This must not be allowed to continue. Because, in the vast majority of cases, many equally innocent people are languishing in jail or have died, their lives ruined, their families destroyed, their careers wrecked due to the False Allegations Industry.

Bent lawyers, lazy or corrupt cops, broken laws, shattered judicial system, bored jurors.

Society is falling apart. Changes are needed now.