Police Tricks 11
Friday, 05 October 2018
Just some of the over 100 boxes and crates containing some of the Seized but Unused (because there were no crimes) Material that Surrey Police took from my house on the 9/9/2015.

Can you imagine having to sift through all this in order to find proof of my innocence? The police, having failed to find any proof of my guilt, managed to Fail To Disclose much of the proof of my innocence that they found.

If you could have seen the face of the false accuser who claimed an event in April 1970 and no contact at all after that ("No; why would I have?") when not only did we produce evidence of friendly, positive contact on August 28th 1970 but an article in a small Scottish local paper where he was interviewed about other matters in 1991 and boasted proudly of having been in The Weathermen on Top of the Pops in 1971 because he was a dear friend of Jonathan King's.

Even better were the raised eyebrows and smiles to me from members of the Jury.