Let me tell you a story...
Wednesday, 02 January 2019
Back in 2001 we had employed a (not very good) private investigator who, just before my trial, got a message from a policeman (or ex policeman) that he could guarantee if we paid him £5000 for each of my five false accusers, they would back down and retract their evidence.

Where he got their names and contact details (if he had them) I have no idea.

I told my guy to tell his cop (or ex cop) to fuck off. I never give in to blackmail, which I thought this "offer" was, knowing they always come back for more and anyway suspected the £5K would disappear into a black hole without any result.

In 2018 I was given proof of a certain person contacting an officer on my case in 2001, begging for contact details of my false accusers. She refused and reported him to her superiors (she is still a Surrey Police officer, now very senior and, I suspect, very good).

Putting two and two together I've come up with the number 4.