Manhunt - the missing scene?
Tuesday, 08 January 2019
After Sutton leaves Marjoram... a phone call (entirely imaginary I hasten to add, and in no way suggesting it happened; just would have been nice in the fictional drama)...

"Hi Mark; glad you got away with that Blackmail verdict... are you still in touch with the News of the World? Got a big story for you but in no ways must it EVER be traced back to me. The Met are about to arrest Levi Bellfield for Amelie Delagrange's murder. What? No; if they leak it he might do a runner (we favour Northern Cyprus). Well, if he does do a runner, ages to extradite him and they won't look too closely into his possible links to any other... What? No; if it DID get out that Milly's killer lived one minute away from where she was abducted and we never even investigated him... What? No problem - worst comes to worst, I'll be given early retirement on full pension and can concentrate on photography, my hobby. What? Yes, they'll pay you handsomely for this. A great leak. No I don't expect a cut. Just bank it and go on building your media career. Bye Mark".

Beggars belief, doesn't it? Probably why they didn't include the scene in Part Two of Manhunt.