So what will July bring?
Friday, 21 June 2019
I predict (though I hope I'm wrong) someone will accuse Boris Johnson in the next few days of sexually abusing them when they were under the age of 16. Probably years ago.

Whether true or false, police are bound to believe this accuser ("you will be believed") as laws have not been changed though I suspect no senior cop will anymore declare this claim as "credible and true" before investigating it.

Likewise, since the law has not yet been changed giving those accused anonymity, this will make the Front Pages. Whereupon 40-50 similar "victims" will emerge from the woodwork.

Prime Minister Hunt will fail to achieve Brexit and a further extension will be granted by the EU.

At the General Election Labour will win (or, my reference, a Lab/LibDem coalition). And in an unusual move, the box added to the voting form Whether to Remain in the EU or to Leave, 80% will vote Remain.

Prime Minister Corbyn will then revoke Article 50 and get on with government.

If Leave were to manage another 51%, he would pass the (ghastly) Withdrawal Bill and the UK will leave the EU and get on with government.