Marlene Dietrich sings Everyone's Gone To The Moon
Sunday, 16 April 2006

Probably the greatest superstar of the 20th Century, in my book. Certainly the greatest sex symbol.

This is a real obscurity.

Taped live by a fan and only just passed to me, it's Marlene Dietrich's astonishing version of my song, performed at the Golders Green theatre.

The quality is understandably awful but the memories this brings back...

Burt Bacharach did the arrangement for her and phoned it in as his wife Angie was giving birth to their first child in Los Angeles.

You can even (just) hear her introduction, where she says (it gets a big laugh) she phoned and asked my permission to sing it.

The event stayed in my mind forever. I went backstage afterwards and she spent twenty minutes kissing and stroking my face (she was very drunk!).

This is a rarity and a very cherished item. I share it with you.