Philip Pullman second book of His Dark Materials - The Subtle Knife
Monday, 04 June 2007
I've completed my reread of The Subtle Knife.

I really love this trilogy and I can very much see why it was my favourite of the three novels when I was in Belmarsh Prison in December 2001 - just imagine the concept of a bright knife that cuts through the fabric of this world into any other you like. Magic.

But in the cold light of "normal" life, it's no better and no worse than Northern Lights - just the next chapter of the great story (and it is a great story, taking us to the death of God and beyond).

Superb story telling, wonderful characters (I may have forgotten to mention the armoured bear, Iorek - a magical invention).

Please, if you love great literature, buy and read ALL THREE novels on your summer holiday this year. Then you'll be ready for the film this Christmas.