If I owned a newspaper...
Thursday, 16 August 2007
What is going wrong with existing papers?

The perceived wisdom is that the problem is the Internet. I don't think so. Like the music world, too often that is used an excuse not to think.

I believe the problem with papers is the same as with TV, radio and indeed music. Lack of imagination and new ideas.

It is SO boring these days reading the press. Old concepts like Bizarre are recycled (3am) again and again. Controversial columnists (I know - I used to be one) are simply copied badly. The news looks the same. Reads the same. Same pictures, same style, same graphics... complacency rises from the pages, screens and speakers.

The trouble is - deadlines arrive so fast that there's no time to think in general terms anymore. So everyone just accepts that punters want the same old stuff delivered in the same old way.

We don't. It's not good enough. So we stop reading, buying, watching, listening.