Atonement - The Movie
Saturday, 06 October 2007
I loved the novel which I read in my first weeks in Belmarsh; all about the tragic consequences of a false allegation.

Amazing description of the road to Dunkirk (missed out in the film) which made me call my Mum and get her to send me my Dad's diary from WW2 when he went through the same experience. McEwan got it spot on.

The film is brilliant; James McAvoy is fantastic and should win the Best Actor Oscar (I think the film could win Best Movie too).

The Dunkirk scenes are incredible - some of the best staged and directed I've ever seen.

I have this feeling (possibly optimistic) that intelligent observers are starting to realise the terrible and frightening effects on society of false accusations - even when they are made with the best intentions and reflect mistakes rather than deliberate malice.

And I also am convinced Karma does kick in - those deliberately manufacturing false claims suffer appallingly in the end.

Vanessa Redgrave is impressive in THAT role.

A great movie - possibly the best of the year so far.