My trip to Brighton
Friday, 07 March 2008
I had to drive down to Brighton for work reasons. I feared it was going to be a terrible trip - gales were forecast - but it was a glorious day; sun shining, blue sky.

That road through Brixton and Sreatham is to be avoided at all costs. Streatham Baths seems to have turned into something else.

The Grand Hotel where I stayed many times - in the suite overlooking the sea - three balconies, glorious view - welcomed me with open arms; lovely, positive, supportive smiles and comments from concierges, doormen, barmen, waitresses... thank you all.

Madam Tussauds has gone, sadly, but the Palace Pier was throbbing with life.

Last time I was in Brighton, about ten years ago, I was the guest of Simon Cowell's mum for Sunday lunch. How much water has flowed under the bridge since then?