The People, Glitter and Bollocks as usual
Sunday, 24 August 2008
"Hello Jonathan. The People here. As you know the Gary Glitter saga is a News of the World story - they set him up in the first place - so we're desperate for a story. As we only have a staff of five at present, because our circulation has shrunk to almost nothing and the Mirror group are trying to sell us, and those of us still here can't get jobs anywhere else, we wondered whether you'd mind if we made up a story about you helping him set up a website?".

"But I have no knowledge about the man and haven't had any connection with him at all".

"We know that but we'll phrase it with innuendo like "a source says..." and just waffle around the facts..."

"But there aren't any facts..."

"Since when has that stopped us - or anyone else in the media come to that. We will feature a lovely photo of you..."

"Piss off".

"Oh, OK".