Friday, 23 January 2009
"Do you hate the Daily Mail?", asks a poster.

No, not at all; actually I love it. I think it's the best and nastiest paper in the UK. I was proud to be a key part of Kelvin MacKenzie's Sun because it was a cracking tabloid. My personal choice is the Guardian because it has better writing and a liberal attitude but it is often shoddy and sometimes disgraceful - the only national to ban me from Comment Is Free for no reason other than that I've been wrongly convicted of crimes that never happened.

But loving the meeejah doesn't stop me from seeing and commenting on its failings. And when the Mail not only goes on a crusade to destroy rivals (anti BBC like Murdoch's empire), but does it flagrantly seeming not to notice it is treating its readers like idiots, I point that out.

The Mail On Sunday was the only paper to report the news story that my submission had been accepted for consideration by the European Court of Human Rights. But don't expect them to be on my side if I'm acquitted - unless, of course, they decide (rightly) that it's a great story.