Monday, 16 January 2006
Jonathan has written a great deal in his life.

He's had three novels published - Bible Two, in 1980, by WH Allen and then Star paperbacks, was stolen as an idea and made into the film Mannequin, with even the hero's name (Jonathan) being retained.

His second novel, The Booker Prize Winner, was published by John Blake.

Both are available through E-Bay online.

And on Amazon - where you can also buy his third novel - Beware The Monkey Man - under the pseudonym Rex Kenny.

65 My Life So Far is his autobiography, also available to be bought from or and most good book sellers.

700 pages with eight 12 page sections of photographs, it is more a chronicle of the past 65 years than a diary of one person. Both Kenneth King and Jonathan are well covered as is the worlds they have lived in, ranging from the private and public schools of Britain in the 50s and 60s to the pirate radio ships, beating the Beatles to the top of the chart, dominating television and radio and press and the more recent amazing details of his wrongful convictions.

The Second Season of his autobiography, 70 FFFY, is also available through Amazon and other retailers. It goes into greater detail on many topics merely touched upon in 65 My Life So Far and continues the adventure from the successive five years.

Also, Three Months - his diary for 2012 whilst filming in Europe and North Africa for The Pink Marble Egg movie - is available as paperback and E Book through Amazon and topped their Pop Culture chart.

And GREAT NEWS - a stunning novel...


Under the name Kenneth George King. Some great reviews. Available as Paperback and E Book on Amazon.>

And another Don't Go In by KG (Jonathan) King.

Buy it on Amazon.

For 2019, 2020, 2021 and beyond...


A new novel - or should we say "novel" - about the extraordinary events of this year.

And Not A Knee On The Neck (how British Police kill people). Both through Amazon; all countries; as E-Books and on paper. Get it as E Book or glossy paperback (packed with controversial photos) from Amazon.

So cheap they will make you leap.