Latest 2010 update on several false accusers
Wednesday, 03 February 2010
Helen Dalby - 10 month suspended sentence for false allegation of rape in Grimsby; Lucinda Hicks - raped at knife point by a stranger, admitted she lied; Roseanne England - in Winchester - 18 months after false accusation against Derek Cummings...

Desmond Uttley had his wrongful conviction of a 15 year old girl overturned by the Court of Appeal...

There are hundreds of these incidents a year - mostly not reported by the media - and thousands more that can never be proved. How do you prove you didn't do something, often years and years ago?

The only successful appeals seem to be where the "victim" admits lying or where there was "evidence" that can be proved wrong.

In most cases we simply cannot prove something didn't happen when there is no proof - only one person's word - that it did.