My theory about music
Friday, 26 March 2010
Decades ago I discovered that the eye bores very easily where the ear doesn't. You can hear a sound again and again before you get tired of it whereas one or two views of something and you don't want to see it again. This dawned on me during the first time I was running Decca for Sir Edward Lewis and was one of the main reasons I persuaded him to get out of video discs - which could not be rerecorded.

Recent times have seen the growth of video as a promotional form - since Duran and others in the 80s it has grown so You Tube is a huge promotional asset. However, clever videos put you off buying the music because the attrition of the eye beats the patience of the ear.

These days young kids are making great videos for ordinary music; they get millions of views (OK GO, Chocolate Rain) because they look interesting or amusing or quirky but the music simply isn't good enough to buy as something to listen to again and again - and if you don't want to hear something multiple times, why purchase it?

So my advice to the new generation of music makers - and I know many of them - is "concentrate on improving the music and forget about the videos until the music is completed to maximum quality level".