Change this appalling situation!
Saturday, 13 November 2010
So the Coalition, as feared, has stepped back from granting anonymity for those accused of sex offences.

Tabloid pressure, women believing all sex is rape by men, pressure groups have beaten down common sense. They quote the millions of failed rape prosecutions without even considering that many allegations are false. Not always intentionally; false memories, inaccurate misunderstandings, drink and drugs, changed minds, revenge, desire for compensation cash or sympathy - the motives and causes are numerous.

But the reality is - many, if not most, accusations of rape or sexual assault are not correct.

Yet people accused face ruin and death even if acquitted or not prosecuted.

Thanks to my case it has become well known that this is often a police method of upping their conviction rates. But that hasn't stopped it happening. The few cases of proven lies are far outweighed by the number of innocent victims convicted.

It is a scandal. But the opposite is the better story.