Steve Wright
Sunday, 13 February 2011
I bumped into my old mate Steve Wright after breakfast yesterday and we chatted at length.

I hadn't seen him since the interesting events of a decade ago and I got the distinct impression that he was amazed by how utterly unphased I was by those trivial dramas.

I remember at the time finding it extraordinary how intelligent people, working in the media, who say on a regular basis "I never believe anything I read in the papers", actually do believe every word.

I was once talking to an bright media inmate in prison; in one of the tabloids was a made up story that I'd been beaten up yet there I was, fit, healthy, untouched and well. "I never believe anything I read in the papers" he said. "Really", I replied, "so you don't believe Dudley Moore just died?".

He took my point.

We all of us take in 99% of what we read, hear, see in the media - yet are convinced we don't.

It's a point I make forcefully in my new film.