Friday, 16 September 2011
Was Gaddafi bad for Libya? Of course, in some ways, yes. Probably, in other ways, no. He must have done some dreadful things - and some good ones. I have no way of knowing the balance. But it appears clear to me that whilst some wanted him overthrown, others didn't. And I suspect the vast majority felt neither way. They just wanted to get on with their lives; eating, teaching, learning, doctoring, doing business, surviving. My feeling is that it was not our business and we should not have got involved. Our involvement meant thousands more deaths and misery for the Libyan people. Individually - fine. If someone knows enough and cares enough to want to go there and fight or send money - I have no problem with that. But not our government, with our money, backing one side against the other. And if the Gaddafi regime had started invading other countries - then it would have become a different matter, to be debated. But internal politics and a civil war - no; how would we feel if other countries had done this to us over the IRA for example?