JK on Gaddafi, Libya and democracy
Thursday, 20 October 2011
I really don't like all this.

Yes, Gaddafi may have been a ruthless dictator, responsible for many atrocities. He may also have been a decent ruler in economic areas. I have no first hand knowledge of his regime.

But we should not have been involved - the people of Libya, if the majority wanted change, should have thrown him out as the Tunisians and Egyptians changed their rulers (not necessarily correctly, but still).

Highly dangerous precedent. If this kind of interference is acceptable, other countries could support British rebels and back, with violence, a regime change here.

I would guess that thousands of innocent Libyans died as a result of this bloody revolution. Only history will tell if it was the right one - as has not been proved in Iran, for example.

I predict that Cameron will live to regret our involvement.