The child abuse Inquiry
Monday, 03 November 2014
When they eventually find a Chairperson, will said person be even handed and also Inquiring into Victims of False Allegations like Starr, Gambo, Davidson, Tarbie, Roach, Le Vell and the hundreds of wrongly convicted victims of that heinous crime? Will they be hearing evidence from those falsely accused victims of lies, exaggerations, inventions, inflations and greed? Surely they will? Won't they?

I only ask because nobody seems to be mentioning them. Oh, I know being hounded by police, CPS and media for years is nowhere near as harmful as getting your bum pinched 40 years ago, but surely all victims need to be heard?

So when we hear those fine lawyers screaming that the Chairman must listen to victims, we absolutely agree. All victims, not just one small area of victims.

And not just celebrities. Teachers who lost their jobs. Foster parents. Vicars and priests. Doctors. And dead people whose reputations might be trashed in the future by people making fake claims, for whatever reasons. If a Chairperson is appointed who has links to genuine victims of abuse I'm sure they will also be hounded out of office before starting the job. Someone's sister in law was once groped by a footballer? They must be deemed ineligible.

I suppose it's ridiculous to suggest scrapping the entire pointless exercise and sending the millions that will be wasted on this Inquiry (which will inevitably find yes, there is child abuse and yes, there are false allegations and yes, they are both dreadful and should be stopped) to West Africa and used to save peoples' lives?