In reply to the "there were loads of official complaints about Savile" post
Sunday, 26 April 2015
There were virtually NO allegations against Savile - EVER. The blessed Esther got NONE to Childline - an anonymous phone help line where people could leave warnings and accusations with no fear of anybody knowing. Is it credible that none of the victims thought perhaps it might be a good idea to warn others about this dreadful pervert? Or is it more likely there were no "victims" - just an awful lot of groping, pinching, winking, leering and tasteless humour? And that memories were later assisted by media, constructed inflation, exaggeration and invention?

The very few investigations we know about were prompted by people then best described as fantasists and worst described as opportunists. Some of whom have since been found to be forgers and liars. Police then, when the climate was different, decided there was "no case to answer" (unless, of course, you believe this elderly has-been still wielded incredible power and could suppress police and CPS actions against criminals, something I've always considered unlikely, not least because "whistle blowers" would have had a field day).

By the time of allegations made this century I can vouch that Surrey Police, specifically, had worked out how to set up celebrities. You get one claim, find another to "back it up", arrest the celeb and sit back whilst the media does its stuff.

The fact that they did not do that to Savile, by then a frail and elderly retired DJ with no power whatsoever, implies that they did not believe the accusers (not that they believed mine) and found them so flawed that they wouldn't even go any further. Since the "you will be believed" philosophy was already in place, they probably told the fantasists the reason was "between us" that he was too old and frail. Prompting the annoyed liars to forge a letter saying that. "Dear Mad Person; please excuse the outdated heading which we haven't used since many people left the force but which you may have got from a retired "friend", but the reason we haven't arrested Savile is because he's got a headache today. Love Chief Plod".

Could media and public fall for that? Oh yes, their stupidity is only matched by their superficiality. 140 characters please. And they love a good story. Or headline.