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King of Hits
Welcome to King of Hits - Jonathan King's site and home of The Tip Sheet
Tuesday, 30 November 1999

JK is on all social media. For private messages - E Mail him on This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Welcome to Jonathan King's site - incorporating The Tip Sheet and dating back into the 1990's although, sadly, most of the early archive footage, especially comments from that decade, were lost when our Forums server, Star Boulevards, went down in Asia.

We have managed to salvage many of my early posts though and they can be found in Archives.

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Anybody interested in JK's wrongful convictions should read Bob Woffinden's book The Nicholas Cases available through Amazon.


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As well as THE TRUTH AWAKENS - bringing the events from 2015-2018 into focus. All free.

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You can watch or download Me Me Me for free on and buy the double disc DVD and CD from Amazon


You can watch or download The Pink Marble Egg for free on


And watch the videos by going to our DEEP THROAT area or on You Tube.


His Autobiographies 65 MY LIFE SO FAR & 70 FFFY are available through Amazon - check further details in the LITERARY section of the menu - or can be bought from this site - for details just E-Mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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The first 30 of the 100 JONATHAN KING Video Blogs, describing his life and times, can be viewed in the DEEP THROAT section on the menu. Over 50,000 views in the first two weeks on various sites, over 100,000 in the first month, you can now see the first thirty episodes here.

This is both the personal site for Jonathan and the basic business site for his music and media activities, as well as containing the Tip Sheet message board, for people wishing to discuss entertainment and music matters, both behind the scenes executive chatter and out front talent reviews and enthusiasm

Comments and thoughts on general and JK matters should be placed on the YOUR VIEWS message board.

More music or entertainment thoughts and opinions can be expressed on the TIP SHEET message board.
If either or both seem to be down, try the NEW MESSAGEBOARD section.
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JK will pontificate on all boards… as well as in his Attitudes & Opinions section… you can find him everywhere!

You may also find the odd media and tabloid denials, agreements and qualifications.
From time to time, music downloads and video statements may pop up here, for use by media for broadcast purposes.
Isn’t the world of new media and high technology a wonderful thing?
Welcome to the world of Jonathan…

If you love albums:


JK, Genesis, 10cc, Rocky, Nemo, Shag... check them out!

Cheques to Revvolution Publishing Ltd

P O Box PO Box 78111


N16 1JD

United Kingdom

The box set is available for shipping world wide on Amazon.