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King of Hits
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Sunday, 01 January 2006
This is a streaming multimedia player which allows you to listen to various MP3s put online by the King Of Hits team. The player will popup in a new window, which allows you to listen uninterrupted while continuing to browse the King of Hits Website and you can get Information, sometimes lyrics and often groovy and glorious gossip by clicking on the INFO word in each track's little window. This vital stuff will also appear in another window which you can close or ignore if you so choose.

Be very very careful before you click, however. The sounds you hear may change your life. They may bring you millions (unsigned bands have changed an eight year habit of playing sleazy strip bars because The Tip Sheet picked up on their music and they went to the top of the charts as a direct result, with all the champagne, limousines, wonderful women, beautiful boys, caviar, five star hotels and the other trappings of success). Or you may just hear music you love as a private pleasure. Whatever happens YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!!!!

To purchase JK's 8 CD Box Set, and also EARTH TO KING which is easiest bought via direct post to the address on our Homepage or downloaded through iTunes or but here's the link to our sales site... Buy NOW !!

and to visit iTunes...

click here

To open up our free STREAMING player and enjoy both JK's music and those tracks recommended by us... and REMEMBER TO CLICK THE INFO WORD...

Click here to launch the player

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