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Monday, 16 January 2006
The Tipsheet was started in 1993 with the sole purpose of exposing and drawing attention to great music
We still do. That's why we are here.

In July 2005 JK came across an old post on industry music board The Velvet Rope, raving about an unsigned group called ORSON.

They had been around Los Angeles for 8 years, totally ignored by the Californian music business.

JK thought they were excellent and put up a link to their music on our Tipsheet Message Board, starting a thread about why A&R were missing bands like this.

As a direct result, Orson got a massive deal and went to the very top of the UK charts.

Totally due to The TIPSHEET.

But back to history and 1993, over the years since we started we gained massive prestige to the subscription only industry weekly readers. We were taken by over 1000 key executives, including most of the Chairmen and Managing Directors of all the main labels and publishers as well as numerous managers, agents, department heads, Public Relations people, artistes, stars, celebrities and, of course, journalists (who knew where to go for vital gossip).
They read it and listened to the free CD we included.
Hundreds of hits would never have happened were it not for the Tip Sheet.
In the year 2000 events took an unfortunate turn with our fine founder and owner, Jonathan King, facing false allegations, ignominy and wrongful convictions.
The Tip Sheet staggered on but the impact lessened.
Our Record of the Year ITV show, with the huge ratings and vast income boost, continued but the Tip Sheet Triumphs, which gave unbiased, objective awards to the very best executives and campaigns in music, were dropped and the event became just a populist shop window for music in the weeks before Xmas.
It continued to boost sales massively but it no longer was a part of the industry. In 2006 Take That won with hundreds of thousands of online votes but ITV decided not to carry the show which was online only.
The result of the Triumphs finishing and the industry losing an independent watchdog?
Executives got lazy and corrupt without a voice to praise or criticise.
In 2001, sales of music started to decline.
And went on doing so until 2005.
When, coincidentally, JK was released on parole.
During all these dark years, the Tipsheet message board carried on.
And does so to this day, with thousands of music industry professionals logging on every day and vital posts alerting the business to good music.
In 2005 several huge hits and major acts have exploded, totally due to the Tipsheet network finding, exposing, enthusing and assisting them.
The future looks good - both for music and for the Tipsheet.
Whatever develops, it will help great music get the attention of millions.
So please keep faith with the Tipsheet.
Spread the word. Contribute. Read and assist.


So, where do we go from here?

Is the era of a PRINT Tip Sheet over? Or can such a thing help revive our music business again? And, if we do bring back a printed sheet, should we also include a CD?

These days, most people can hear a demo with a simple click of a mouse. To MySpace or an artiste's site or even via the LISTEN HERE facility here.

Heavens, with YouTube and others, videos can also be viewed within seconds. Or are many still dependent on hard copies, DVD's and so on?

There's clearly a NEED for another Tip Sheet. But not the same as our 1996 version. Something more modern that reflects the 2011 situation.

Possibly including a radio station? Or even a TV station? That doesn't just play you new music but that actually promotes and exposes it? And does so for the new music makers who cannot afford the traditional routes for getting noticed?

I'd be very interested in hearing your opinions - on either board.