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Wednesday, 30 April 2008
JK decided in 2008 to become a movie maker!

I've been busy making full length feature movies -the first was VILE PERVERT: THE MUSICAL.

We've shown it at the Cannes Film Festival where I gather it came close to being selected for their UN CERTAIN REGARD section of titles.

It is a ComDoc - a Comedy Documentary - and it tells the story in satire of a former Pop Star and TV Personality who is falsely accused of offences from decades ago and is wrongly convicted and sent to prison. As a result, on his release he makes a movie.

Amongst the numerous strange characters popping up in this salutory satirical tale are police, judges, public relations persons, false accusers, media giants, tabloid editors, lawyers, observers, commentators, God and even Oscar Wilde -

The unusual aspect of this film - which is 96 minutes in length and features 21 songs as well as 21 characters (most of them played by JK) is that it is distributed FREE, globally, on the Internet to be watched live or downloaded for future viewing or even burned to DVD for screening on TV.

And it has gone out to anyone, anywhere in the world from 2008 on the universal site

We hope that it will attract more viewers than the next James Bond film or even Indiana Jones and The Crystal Skull.

Because whereas those movies need to attract people out to the cinema, into their pockets to buy the ticket and off to the town or city showing it, VILE PERVERT: THE MUSICAL can be enjoyed NOW, whenever the mood takes the potential viewer, whether he or she is a student who cannot sleep or a worker with insomnia arriving home from a night session or a housewife over her morning coffee or a professor wishing to examine a great work of art at University or even a bored traveller stuck in Terminal 5 with a laptop.

Obviously one of the crucial essentials is that the owners of the copyright music get paid. Fortunately all the songs are written and published by myself, so I am able to do this.

And there are more million selling hits in this film than have ever featured in one Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Everyone's Gone To The Moon, Johnny Reggae, It's Good News Week, the Entertainment USA theme - added together the songs included have already sold many millions of copies around the world.

If people want to BUY the music, it is all available through iTunes and other legal download sites.

It can also be bought in a sensational package physically which not only includes the MUSIC CD soundtrack VILE PERVERT: THE MUSIC but the movie as a free giveaway DVD. You can buy this two disc set through Amazon, all good retailers, via and from this site.

By now you'll understand that I consider this a major break through in media communication. Bypassing the tired old DISTRIBUTOR and STUDIO monopoly that has dominated the movie world for a century, just as the music world was dominated by the major labels in the past, we are using the Internet and the broadband technology to reach the most enormous potential audience within seconds.

The only film/theatre project I've been involved with previously was THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW. I was the Original 20% backer/angel for the entire show and produced the first (and still the best) soundtrack album of it.

I watched that slowly but surely become a cult smash, over the years, as more and more people grew to love it. And I remember that, although the show was an instant huge success, the movie was a total flop when it came out and even the New York stage show died on Broadway in the 1970s. It needed years to reach the audience it deserved.

But these days it can happen in days, let alone weeks. Thanks to the World Wide Web, something can spread like wildfire.

I was prompted to make this film when one of the songs from Earth To King, The True Story Of Harold Shipman, started selling downloads like crazy. I then noticed that another obscure track, MARY MY LOVE, was shifting loads of downloads in Scandinavia - with no promotion at all except Word of Mouth from You Tube and other web sites.

"Perhaps", I thought, "there are people out there who do enjoy my music".

With hundreds of thousands of views for the music videos all across the web - ranging from Una Paloma Blanca to Let It All Hang Out and including new songs like Satan's Ultimate Weapon Of Mass Destruction and Vile Pervert, I decided that it needed a vehicle to reach a larger audience.

Without any radio or TV exposure, and with minimal media coverage, I concluded that a movie might pull in the attention.

Over to you. What do you think?

Years further on we've had over 250,000 full length views and/or downloads for the movie. That's incredible considering it is 96 minutes long and, let's face it, won't even be considered by the vast majority of people.

The second movie was Me Me Me and can be seen on

Released in 2011, it had over 50,000 full length views and downloads by 2013 - many on You Tube which recently increased the size and length of downloads.

The third movie in 2013 is The Pink Marble Egg. Watch and download it from

And fourth is Vile Pervert: The Sequel - an update also available on the dedicated site and through You Tube and other sharing sites. Click on Watch Sequel.

After that; a new film telling the story of the latest fiasco - up to the end of 2017 - but revealing extraordinary revelations regarding police and media - just click on The Truth Awakens...

And now in 2019 GUILTY - a satirical documentary feature film fantasy. Already requested to be entered as Best Film for the Slamdance film festival (sister to Sundance) and accepted for several Oscar categories. Watch it on, YouTube, Vimeo and loads of other sites.

And in 2022 a new movie. The Great ReSet (It's Good News Week).

Watch for free on

and on You Tube, Vimeo and dozens of other sites.

PLEASE watch the films, spread the word and enjoy the music.