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King of Hits
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Monday, 16 January 2006
Well, this is what it's all about, innit?
Jonathan King's collection EARTH TO KING features some fantastic new tracks which can be heard - and the Videos seen in our Deep Throat area.

To get hold of the music and all 100 video blogs, check out our HOMEPAGE for details for EARTH TO KING.

The movie VILE PERVERT: THE MUSICAL includes new songs as well as old ones. It can be viewed or downloaded for free in full on and the songs can be downloaded from iTunes. The physical DVD comes with the music soundtrack on CD when purchased through Amazon or other outlets.

Likewise Me Me Me - available through Amazon and viewable free online at

We have added a much expanded section onto the board - see LISTEN HERE - including selected and endorsed demos; artistes worth paying attention to; editorially picked future hits and, of course, direct musical projects.

Do check many brilliant videos in Deep Throat or on You Tube, My Space and most of the online video sites.


We try to listen to everything... and heartily recommend You Tube - if you don't have your own site yet. An account is wonderfully simple to set up and gives us your best tracks at the click of a mouse!

We have created the special LISTEN HERE streaming section so please give it a try. The window is on the menu on the left hand side of the screen. Click on it and a world of magic will open up for your ears and eyes.

There are several SONGS by JK in Listen Here; released and unreleased.


You'll also hear rare gems - like the previously undiscovered only recording of the late, great legend MARLENE DIETRICH introducing and singing Everyone's Gone To The Moon at Golders Green Hippodrome in 1965 or 1966. It's on the Listen Here playlist.

To download Albums - try

If you fancy purchasing some older JK tracks from iTunes, here's your chance

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or the EARTH TO KING physical CD's with CD2 - the QuickTime Video Autoblogs - from Amazon

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EARTH TO KING music downloads

*** and Jonathan King - Earth to King

EARTH TO KING: Track Listing

1 Vile Pervert 2 Who's Been Polishing The Sun? 3 When Caravaggio Met Michelangelo 4 The Silver Stoat

5 Gimme Some 2007 6 Satan's Ultimate Weapon Of Mass Destruction 7 Easy Lovin'

8 The True Story Of Harold Shipman 9 He Stood In The Bath And He Stamped On The Floor 10 Professional Victims

11 Baby Let Me Follow You Down 12 The Geldof Principle (Do You Really Care?) 13 Mary My Love 14 I Hate Coca Cola

15 I Can't Get It Out Of My Head 16 Plead Guilty 17 The Box Of Love 18 Hello I Am Your Heart

19 You Show Me Yours And I'll Show You Mine 20 The Plain Friend 21 Let It All Hang Out

22 It Only Takes A Minute 23 Johnny Reggae 24 Loop di Love 25 Una Paloma Blanca

26 Everyone's Gone To The Moon 27 God Save All Queens

An incredible collection. Buy it now!


The KING OF HITS 8 CD collection is incredible value.

The box set is available for shipping world wide on Market place right now. Hurry while stocks last ! Here is the direct link:

Buy NOW !!

 and here are the specific notes on the many tracks included. 

An 8 CD box set of virtually everything JK has ever sung (or that he’s decided you might like to hear) as well as a few instrumentals, productions and rarities. Between them, taking into account single sales, compilation inclusions and album useage, they have sold over 40 million copies under different names and pseudonyms. It is called King Of Hits and is available. King Of Hits includes almost all his recorded tracks before 2000. We bring you an exclusive peek at the tracks and the comments about them. You may find yourself getting too excited as you peruse the list and read the thoughts of Chairman King. In which case, take a cold bath and lie down in a darkened room for a few moments before continuing your adventure.

1) Everyone’s Gone To The Moon* NOW ON LISTEN HERE
2) Who Let The Dogs Out? NOW ON LISTEN HERE
3) A Very, Very Melancholy Man* NOW ON LISTEN HERE
4) Hooked On A Feeling NOW ON LISTEN HERE
5) Sweet Surrender
6) Old DJ’s (Playing New Sounds)*
7) The Sickly Sweet Odour Of Old Rotting Teeth*
8) I Can’t Get It Out Of My Head
9) Nobody Listened But Everybody Danced*
10) Let It All Hang Out NOW ON LISTEN HERE
11) I’ve Never Seen A Woman*
12) Mary My Love*
13) Fine Together Stomp* NOW ON LISTEN HERE
14) Grass Is Good*
15) Operator
16) Don’t Forget Me When You’re On Your Island*
17) My Heart Stood Still
18) Learning The Game
19) Rag Doll
20) Belle Isle
21) Baby You’ve Been On My Mind NOW ON LISTEN HERE

1) was my first hit and I have greatful memories of it though I never liked it much. Intended as a satire of the Dylan school of "meaningful" lyrics, there are several of those in my early catalogue. It sold over 4 million copies around the world. 2) was my attempt, as Fat Jakk and his Pack of Pets, to turn a song I’d heard from carnival in the West Indies into a global hit… it became one when my friend Steve Greenberg became convinced (after much battering by me) and recorded it later with his Baha Men. 3) is a song I’ve always been proud of – it’s very different. 4) features my Oooga Chagga arrangement and I think it works very well in converting what was written as a country song into a pop/reggae hit. 5) is a sweet rendition of a David Gates/Bread song. 6) was, I thought, a clever idea, well executed. 7) is a love song, if you’ve got that sort of a sick mind, about a boy losing his virginity to a hooker. 8) is me doing Jeff Lynne and ELO. 9) is a clever lyric and catchy idea again – one of my better attempts. 10) doesn’t really work but the riff is so good and the title so catchy that it got me back into the charts. 11) is another quite clever lyric – Ray Davies was not the only writer to pen tunes about transvestites. 12) is another well written and nicely arranged hooky hit (except it never really sold – but I believe it deserved to). 13) is a simple but very catchy use of those delicious three chords. 14) was an early JK anti-drug track, simply putting my abstemious point across to the great amusement of my friends, most of whom were stoned at the time. 15) is a beautiful Jim Croce song, under rated and nicely treated, I think. 16) is the ultimate holiday song for couples who met just as the summer started. 17) is pleasantly sloppy. 18) & 19) are my personal treatments of two of my favourite songs, originally by Buddy Holly and The Four Seasons. I like the way they turned out but nobody else seems to! Both 20) and 21) are lesser known Bob Dylan songs given my own particular interpretation. The latter was, incidentally, the first release under the name NEMO (Latin for no-one) – a pseudonym I later used to great airplay success with The Sun Has Got His Hat On.

1) Una Paloma Blanca NOW ON LISTEN HERE
2) Wild World
3) Sisters Of Mercy
4) The King Of The Hooks*
5) 1984*
6) Last June, This June*
7) Way Down Yonder In New Orleans
8) I Can’t Get No Satisfaction
9) The Sun Has Got His Hat On NOW ON LISTEN HERE
10) Let’s Not Get Dirty*
11) A Free Man In Paris
12) Love Around*
13) King Lear*
14) Living In A Fucking Time Warp*
15) Keep Your Feet On The Ground*
16) Singing The Blues
17) C’Mon Kid*
18) I Can’t Stand The Rain
19) Don’t Talk To Me Of Protest*
20) Cherry Cherry
21) A Little Bit Left Of Right*
22) Just Like A Woman

1) was a huge global hit for me in 1975 – I heard George Baker’s original version on holiday in Europe and covered it (better, I think). I like the stepping bass line, "borrowed" from Nancy Sinatra’s Boots. 2) is my attempt to show how similar The Pet Shop Boys’ It’s A Sin was to Cat Stevens’ Wild World. The concept is, perhaps, better than the execution. 3) is a brilliant Leonard Cohen song – I love his art and like my interpretation. It suits my reedy voice. 4) is an innovative idea – check out all the hooks – an expression invented by Phil Spector and told to me by Sonny Bono. 5) is my musical version of George Orwell’s fantastic story – years later I wrote a literary next chapter to his Animal Farm. 6) is a sweet love song. 7) is my nearly successful attempt at the old Freddie Cannon hit. 8) is my very successful country treatment of the Rolling Stones classic – it sold millions under the name Bubblerock and was covered by an Italian group called Tritons who stayed at #1 for months in Italy with their nearly exact copy. 9) is the aforementioned old song which was one of my biggest airplay hits. 10) is a good lyric but not a raunchy enough performance. 11) is my sweet interpretation of Joni Mitchell’s song, allegedly about David Geffen. I think it works – it sounds wistful. 12) is typical me and rather fun. 13) is my song dedicated to the greatest play ever written and 14) is my rockiest track. 15) is a rather good tune, early King and 16) is my interpretation of the first record I ever bought by Guy Mitchell. 17) is dedicated to one of my favourite films starring Humphrey Bogart and the delicious Lauren Bacall, on whom I had a huge crush. 18) is an interesting treatment of a soul classic. 19) is my answer song to the 60’s protest writers (of whom I was partially one). 20) is me doing Neil Diamond quite well, though the sound isn’t as good as his, and it was a big European hit for me at a time when I wasn’t selling in Britain. 21) is a good, catchy track and 22) is my personal favourite treatment of one of my all time favourite Dylan songs – I objectively think it works better than any other rendition, including his own. I love the roaring organ.

1) It Only Takes A Minute
2) Amazing Grace
3) Million Dollar Bash
4) Black Girl Buttons*
5) Be Gay*
6) Angel Of The Morning
7) The Official Munich Olympic Games Theme*
8) You Were On My Mind
9) You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling
10) It’s Illegal, It’s Immoral, It’s Unhealthy But It’s Fun*
11) Just To Be Close To You
12) Molly Malone*
13) It’s All In The Game
14) Jesus Can’t You Leave Me? (Tony’s song)*
15) Sun, Sea, Sand And Sex*
16) Seagulls*
17) Mother Country
18) Ways To Be Wicked
19) Help Me Make It Through The Night - with Eiri Thrasher
20) Give Me A Break*
21) Lazybones

1) is my strange but effective treatment of the Tavares classic – years later, Take That had their first Top Ten hit with their version. Mine sold millions around the world. 2) is my rather naughty version of the religious tune. 3) is me doing Dylan again, quite well. 4) is very interesting and typical JK. 5) is a song of mine that was way ahead of its time. 6) has been a hit for others more recently – this is my treatment of Chip Taylor’s wonderful song. 7) was funny and Russell Harty loved it so much he featured it on his TV series. 8) is a very good pop treatment. 9) is my rendition of my favourite ever record – nothing can beat The Righteous Brothers, but at least mine is different. 10) is clever and catchy. 11) is my take on Lionel Richie’s Commodores song. 12) reflects my thoughts on the Irish problem. 13) is a completely different view of the old classic. 14) reflects my views on organised religion. 15) is a holiday sex and beach song. 16) reminds me of doing it on Top of the Pops – green, long before most others. 17) is a wonderful John Stewart song, much better by him, but not that awful by me. 18) is a fascinating and different interpretation of a great song. 19) is improved by Eiri’s beautiful voice. 20) is another clever lyric, I think, and reminds me of summer in New York. And 21) is my hit treatment of Hoagy Carmichael’s brilliant song, much used in the background on TV in summer shows.

1) Johnny Reggae*
2) Stop In The Name Of Love
3) When I Fall In Love
4) It’s A Tall Order For A Short Guy*
6) Supershit*
7) A Modest Proposal (Swift’s song)*
8) A Legend In My Time
9) Hang On Sloopy
10) Passions Of Ancient Egypt*
11) He’s So Fine
12) People Will Say We’re In Love
13) Creation*
14) My Love, My Life
15) The Lonely Bull meets La Bamba
16) Lover’s Prayer
17) I May Be Young*
18) When A Child Is Born
19) Crying Again*
20) I Just Wanna Say Thank You*
21) I’ll Slap Your Face (Entertainment USA theme)*

1) is one of my biggest hit songs – it was even huge in Germany! 2) is my interpretation of the Supremes classic – fun but not that successful. 3) is my Nat King Cole tribute but I ain’t no Nat. 4) is a funky and worthy soul/pop track. Good stuff. 5) is me doing KC of the Sunshine Band – my original production by Brendon was a small hit. 6) is JK way ahead of punk. 7) is my tribute to Jonathan Swift, after whom I was named, a brilliant writer of satire. 8) is me doing country, quite well… a great lyric. 9) is me doing McCoys and I really like it. 10) is early King again. 11) tried to show George Harrison just how close his melody was to the Chiffons. He was not amused (I like the "Georgie"s in the background). 12) is a very unusual arrangement and production of the musical classic. 13) is better done, I think, when produced by me and performed by Rick and Sandy (Sandy is now the top manager for producers in the world). 14) is a very successful JK version of a great Abba song. 15) is a strange but interesting amalgam. 16) is me doing Randy Newman. 17) is my demo for squeaky little Ricky Wilde and a hit for someone, one day. 18) is a terrible version of a song I did before Johnny Mathis but foolishly sat on until Christmas, allowing him to get his out first and have the hit. 19) is one of my own favourite compositions – another good lyric. 20) is a truly felt love song of early young King. And 21) is the theme from my much viewed TV series.

1) Loop Di Love
2) The Times They Are A’Changing
3) Baby The Rain Must Fall
4) The Return Of The Red Baron
5) Brand New Morning
6) Green Is The Grass*
7) Fattie Bum Bum
8) Get Off Of My Cloud
9) I Am A Tired All American Boy (Epitaph To A War)*
10) When I Was A Star*
11) Come Monday
12) Mental Diseases*
13) Gonna Fix You Good
14) Count On Me
15) Why Should I Fight?*
16) Wuthering Heights
17) It’s Only A Paper Moon
18) Rain and Tears
19) I Say A Little Prayer
20) Don’t Let Him Touch You – The Angelettes*
21) I Cried – The Angelettes*
22) Sugar Sugar

1) came out by Shag and sold fabulously – Top 5 in the UK and a huge hit around the world. 2) is my punk interpretation of the Dylan classic, put out by Babies On Razor Blades and played several times by John Peel. 3) is a grand, American ballad, and quite fun. 4) is my reasonably pathetic rendition of an American hit – the original was far better, I’m afraid. 5) is a nice treatment of a lovely song. 6) was the followup to Everyone’s Gone To The Moon, written before it, and the song that got me signed whilst a teenage undergraduate. 7) is my silly version of the reggae hit I had on UK Records by Carl Malcolm. 8) is very good, I think, the followup to Satisfaction and deserved to do better than it did. 9) is my Vietnam song. 10) is my lyric to a French song by Michel Delpech – check out how much of it came true. 11) is a terrific song and it works here. 12) is another of my favourite lyrics. 13) is not very good but the song is catchy. 14) is my nice, gentle interpretation of the Jefferson Airplane tune. Very different. 15) is another JK anti-war song. 16) is my extremely weird version of Kate Bush’s classic song, from a male perspective, and I rather like it. 17) is me being oldie. 18) is a fine interpretation of the Aphrodite’s Child 60’s song, which gave us all Demis Roussos for the first time. 19) is my gender bender Aretha – quite good, actually, you’ll be surprised to hear. 20) and 21) are two of my songs and my productions performed by a group of schoolgirls (now matrons). It was my Shadow Morton phase and I’m proud of both of them – 2 hit songs for a future cover. And 22) was a big hit for me under the name of Sakkarin, sending up the pretensions of art rock and the progressive movement – very good.

1) It’s The Same Old Song
2) The Way You Look Tonight
3) Alison
4) Colloquial Sex (Lawrence’s song)*
5) If You Wanna Be Happy
6) The Kung Fu Anthem*
7) When You’re Hot, You’re Hot
8) City Of Angels*
9) Honey Bee
10) I Don’t Wanna Be Gay*
11) Girl I’ve Got News For You
12) Where The Sun Has Never Shone*
13) I Love You*
14) Rock Around The Clock
15) Penny*
16) The Night I Chased The Women With An Eel*
17) It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
18) Hello, I Am Your Heart NOW ON LISTEN HERE
19) I’m The One*
20) Sex Appeal (No Limits theme)*
21) Double One*
22) In The Mood

1) is my treatment of the Four Tops Motown classic – nowhere near as good as the original but worth hearing as an alternative and a big hit for me. 2) is soft and sloppy. 3) is my take on Elvis Costello – one of our most under rated writers. His original is much better. 4) is my tribute to DH Lawrence. 5) is happy and crappy. 6) is great fun and should have been a hit – a very unusual instrumental (mainly). 7) is JK goes country again – good song, good track, weak vocal. 8) is an old track of mine about Los Angeles. 9) is JK doing Motown again – not great – and 10) is a classic double entendre song from the early 70’s when some people weren’t as aware of the world as they later became. 11) is interesting. 12) was the US followup to Everyone’s Gone To The Moon and deservedly flopped. 13) is, I think, a very clever, simple song, as the title implies. 14) is my Bubblerock treatment of the Bill Haley classic and it’s fun. 15) is unusual and quite good. 16) was the theme for a West End show starring John Alderton and Pauline Collins, who had never met before but fell in love, married, and tell me this still brings back happy memories for both of them. 17) is a very different take on my Buddy Holly favourite of all time. 18) is really very good, heard all these years later. 19) is back to simple, personal King. 20) became the theme for No Limits so I’ve featured this version instead of the one with the full vocal. 21) is another personal song and 22) is my version of the Glenn Miller classic, trying to involve almost every style of music.

1) Chick-A-Boom
2) Rock Star*
3) Rose Marie
4) Light My Fire
5) Main Line Lady*
6) Take A Look At Yourself Babe*
7) Flirt*
8) Summer’s Coming*
9) It’s My Party
10) Lick A Smurp For Christmas (All Fall Down)*
11) Cecilia
12) The Littlest Greatest Love*
13) The Land Of The Golden Tree*
14) Everybody
15) Go Now
16) Riding A Reindeer*
17) The Death Of The Last Unicorn*
18) Chick*
19) Mr Tambourine Man
20) One For You, One For Me
21) It’s Good News Week (Hedgehoppers)*
22) It’s Good News Week (JK version)*

1) is the hit I had under the name 53rd & 3rd. 2) is one of my best lyrics – I’m really proud of it and I think it still sounds great – play loud. 3) is fun… "of all the queens…" – think what you like! 4) really doesn’t work at all and I wouldn’t have included it were it not for the "bravery" element. 5) is a good, simple song. 6) is early King with well over-the-top lyrics. 7) is my second Michel Delpech tune with JK lyrics – OK, nothing special (I hate songs that go la-la-la). 8) was the B side to Moon and Marlene Dietrich loved it and performed it often. 9) is high camp – HI, CAMP! 10) is the song I wrote and recorded in my home studio and released on flexi-disc for 10p a copy, about those horrid little Smurf toys given away at petrol stations with 5 gallons and discovered to be painted in poisonous lead paint. I’m sick. 11) is a Paul Simon song which I loved – OK. 12) is actually rather good. 13) is old styled JK in satirical mode. 14) is updated Tommy Roe – another under rated star. 15) is JK doing Dance Moody Blues and I think it works well. 16) is weird but I think rather good. 17) is more old styled JK – think Narnia. 18) is fun crap. 19) is my interesting Bubblerock interpretation of the Dylan/Byrds song done with an orchestra of tambourines. 20) was a small hit for me in my silly, multi coloured wig and 21) & 22) are my first hit production and my re-write when most of America wouldn’t play the original, sending up the media obsession with trivia (as apt today as in 1965).

1) Gay Girl*
2) King Maker*
3) Brother John (The Mad Monk)*
4) Skyline Pigeon
5) What You Think Is Just A Joke Is America Today*
6) God Save The Sex Pistols*
7) Icicles Fell From The Heart Of A Bluebird*
8) Do You Want To Know A Secret?
9) One Morning In May
10) Vulture Stomp*
11) The Happy People Song*
12) Round Round* NOW ON LISTEN HERE
13) Mississipi
14) Wait ‘Till The Sun Shines, Nellie
15) Hey Jim*
16) Little Latin Lupe Lu
17) In A Hundred Years From Now*
18) You’re The Greatest Lover
19) 1968 (A Message To The Presidential Candidates)*
20) Time And Motion*
21) Gloria
22) Johnny Reggae/Baby Reggae 2002*
23) This Is Reggae*
24) God Save The King*

1) is superb – can you imagine anyone else writing and recording this in the 60’s? It also was the first outing for my subsequently much used solo violin. 2) is catchy and basic. 3) is an old song about a killer monk. Check out the high strings. 4) is as good as Elton’s version, I think. 5) is quite original, all true and sounds damn good all these years later. 6) is my answer disc to the Sex Pistols’ God Save The Queen and it still sounds funny. 7) is old style JK again. 8) is my dance version of the Lennon/McCartney classic song that Billy J Kramer had a smash with – I think it works. 9) is another 40’s styled instrumental and very summery. 10) is totally ridiculous and anyone with an ounce of pride would never have allowed its inclusion. 11) is frothy French fun with JK lyrics. 12) is my original anti-drugs song, a giant airplay hit in the USA. 13) is ghastly but was my version of the Pussycat hit, no worse than theirs but I should have had the #1 and would have had, if I hadn’t hyped my release, and been caught out by the charts committee. 14) is a great interpretation of the 1905 song, courtesy of Buddy Holly. 15) is a personal song – I like it. 16) is a decent stab at a 60’s song. 17) is early JK once more. 18) was a Eurohit for me but it’s not great. 19) was a US release and I quite like it. 20) is one of my better early songs. 21) is entirely the wrong key and Laura Brannigan did it later better but it’s worth checking out my original English lyrics. 22) is something you won’t have heard before – a combination of Johnny Reggae and Baby Reggae (not included here) with me giggling, gurgling and chuckling, pretending to be a baby (pretending? ED). 23) is a track I’ve always really liked and 24) is the only way to end this comprehensive collection of greats, goodies, OK’s and crap.

* are written by JK.