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Topic History of: Rolf in the news again
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Author Message
Jo In other words, Rolf's "trending" on Twitter...
Bookworm How many support Murdoch?
Why was that wanker never kicked out?
The intelligence agencies have many of them cornered.Thats what happens when they fall into the illusion that accountability is for others.
Jo He's in the news again, seemingly mainly in the Twittersphere, in connection with the deportation issue.

From The Independent:

As the deportation flight left for Jamaica this morning, black Britons' trust in the government left with it

"The government’s willingness to deport people of African Caribbean heritage has retraumatised many of us who share it. In the most painful way, we have been reminded that our government continues to view us as not fully British, and therefore dispensable.

Why do I say that? Well, because long-term UK residents from other parts of the world are not being deported en masse in the most-high profile and humiliating way. White men from Australia or New Zealand are not having their homes raided in the middle of the night by immigration officers, being thrown into detention and deported in chains and shackles while all the world looks on. They are certainly not being deported for the possession of cannabis or – in the case of Reshawn Davis – a 10-year-old crime he was later found not to have committed. I have never, for example, heard anyone suggest deporting Rolf Harris.

And from the terribly silly "Steeples Times":

Deport Rotten Rolf: As a deportation flight leaves for Jamaica, Twitter users have rightly angrily reacted asking why the paedophile Rolf Harris was not sent back to Australia after his release
Bookworm Talking of Australia, did anyone see the SKY interview with the editor of spiked online?
The crap was the usual diatribe designed to make the royals look bad with the interviewer shaking his head and clearly operating from a bias position. The interviewer went so far as to say Harry was basically sacked. They said Charles pokes his nose in too much and then came the part I was waiting for. "What if the royal family turn into a politically motivated organisation when the Queen is replaced?"

I hope they do. What are you lot worried about, the guillotine?

They are getting so desperate.

Both avoiding the ultimate question though.

What a surprise...
Jo An Australian entertainer has made groping allegations against Rolf Harris, though she only described him as "flirty" and "cheeky" in 2013.

2020: 'It was a time when we couldn't say anything': Rhonda Burchmore reveals why she couldn't raise claims she was sexually harassed by the late Mick Rooney and jailed actor Rolf Harris

"Rhonda went on to detail her experiences with entertainer Rolf Harris, saying: 'I had the old touch up the a*se [when I was performing in Hot Shoe Shuffle in 1992]. It's a funny thing. Now, you'd say, 'No!' - back then, there was no excuse for you to not accept it.'"

2013: 'Rolf was flirty but that was all'

"THEATRE star Rhonda Burchmore described Rolf Harris as "very flirtatious" when she worked with him and said her husband was jealous.

But Burchmore, now in her early 50s, brushed off the entertainer's antics as harmless.

Ms Burchmore met Harris on a number of occasions in her 20s while on the musical and variety TV circuit.

In 1992, when she was performing in the David Atkins musical Hot Shoe Shuffle at Her Majesty's Theatre in Melbourne, she recalls Harris being particularly "cheeky".

"I do remember he was cheeky and I wouldn't say anything more than cheeky when I was doing a show and quite flirtatious, but I didn't take it any way more than that," Burchmore said in Perth, where she was last week performing in the musical Legs 11, based on her autobiography.

"He was very bold because he was quite flirtatious in front of my husband and Dave Atkins. I had a few drinks with him, I remember, but my husband was more worried than I was at the time. I certainly didn't go home and lose sleep over it."

She said she was "saddened" and "horrified" to learn Harris was being investigated.

"I just think one has to give one the benefit (of the doubt)," she said. "I hate those kinds of witch-hunts that we do. One that immediately comes to mind is Lindy Chamberlain.""