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wyot I think the case has been fascinating in illuminating a society very confused about the subject...As you say Randall the pejorative pre judgments either about the complainant or the initially accused is concerning.

It is not just this subject but any: nuance and care for evidential detail is seen increasingly as morally suspect, where it is even acknowledged as existing. Polemic is all.

Where it all leads - and far beyond the reaches of this subject - must be speculation for another thread...
Randall It would be better if the situation were judged to the applicable legal standard of proof, according to the evidence that actually exists, whether of rape or of making a false complaint.

NOT what could have happened when the cameras were off. NOT what the medical evidence could be consistent with, without it excluding other causes of injury. Certainly NOT prejudging a complainant as truthful or the accused as guilty of rape. And likewise, NOT prejudging that she's some kind of lying harlot and the boys were cherubs.
John Marsh Underage sex I can not see anything reported that indicates a deliberate act of underage sex at all.

The reported articles seem to indicate "the usual", to varying degrees, both the girl and guys are from society sector of teenagers "acting badly",
irresponsible. So I have no sympathy for the girl or the guys and only hope for them personally they learn from this and consider their actions in the future. Some of the guys are noted as acknowledging their actions - lacked self control and respect and others want to sue. Girls should be made aware of such groups of guys but will they listen. Who knows! Guys should be taught to respect and avoid easy women out respect for the women and themselves. Why all the court action and heavy handed police involvement is always hard to know. Maybe the way it had to be. UK could of gone on for months but the 3% level seems to indicate the ridiculous cases no longer pursued.
But I have seen cases where irresponsible behaviour (with evidence) is not dealt with and the activists are correct in their concern!
JK2006 Not just a mess Randall but possibly another example of the thousands of false allegations each year.
Randall wyot wrote:

She goes to the Police not believing she has been assaulted because she knows there is a film, in an attempt to discredit a film that shows her consenting?

She goes not believing she has been assaulted but unaware of the film at this stage. Still, what is her motive initially?

It's the first, I believe. The story has never been that she was unaware of being filmed (as far as I know - it's changed so much that it's hard to know what's what).

Advocates for the woman's status as innocent and a rape victim say that the video only proves consent to the sex depicted in the video. The claim is that once the camera stopped, other events followed that were non-consensual. But some of the men/boys accused of the off-camera events had solid alibi evidence putting them elsewhere. What a mess...